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It is matter of fact that mindfulness was developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn based on his learning from Zen Buddhist teachers such as Philip KapleauKorean Seon Buddhism Master, Seungsahn Haengwon and Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thích Nhất Hạnh. Mindfulness practice has been employed to reduce symptoms of depression, to reduce stress, anxiety and in the treatment of drug addictionPrograms based on Dr Kabat-Zinn's and similar models have been adopted in schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans' centers, and other environments in the US. In the UK mindfulness has been gradually used in the mental health treatments and care offered by the NHS. 

Mindfulness is easy to practise as there are simple steps to follow. But Buddhism meditation is far more complex and each step requires rigid tuition, practice and supervision in order to achieve a good result. Further there are different methods for medication depending on the branches of the Buddhism practised. I am fortunately enough to have an opportunity to learn specific ways for meditation since a young age, which effectively nurture my creativity, curiosity and spirit for adventures. It had also empowered and inspired me to handle life adversities and challenges in an incredibly resourceful way.

You can purchase Mindfulness & Medication training session separately from the coaching packages. Each 1 to 1 session lasts for one hour and you will get a 15%tdiscount on a block booking of six sessions. Some people might consider it difficult to practise mindfulness or mediation. It is because its related theories are not clearly and logically explained. You will change your mind after hearing what I have got to say in the session(s). 

WORK PLACE MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION TRAINING(a set of class include 8 one hour session) 

If at least 3 people at your work place or in your organisation are interested in having classes, please ring 02071646085, email or complete the following form to make arrangements. 

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